ComboPack Treatment is a two-part multi purpose biological kit. Each kit includes 1 gallon of ultra-concentrated liquid bacteria for fast acting results (PondPerfect), plus one slow-release, powder-based biodegradable for long-lasting protection. (EcoSock).


ComboPacks™ are used as a simple, concentrated, monthly treatment to naturally combat algae, aquatic weeds, odour and sludge build up. Our Pond Perfect is the preferred biological clarifier of knowledgeable professionals to safely make water clear and quickly reduce bad odour.

  • Cleans and clears up water
  • Destroys foul odours
  • Use on residential ponds, farm ponds, dugouts and golf courses
  • Reduces sludge and muck
  • Chemical free, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, 100% natural
  • Safe for people, children, livestock, pets, fish, wildlife, and plants

Each Combo Pack includes:
1 gallon of ultra-concentrated liquid bacteria (PondPerfect) plus
1 slow-release, powder-based biodegradable EcoSock

Available Sizes:
1 Unit: 1 Gallon and 1 EcoSock
6 Units: 6 Gallons and 6 EcoSocks

Easy Application:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Pour liquid PondPerfect around perimeter of pond.
  • Apply most liquid to an area where problems are most severe.
  • Poke holes in EcoSock to ensure it reaches down to the sludge.
  • Throw in EcoSock into the pond, 3-10 ft from the shore where problems are most severe.
  • Works together for a full month.

Contact us to discuss our on-site live brew options for large scale treatment. Our patented brewing process and culturing software ensures a gold standard of quality control, allowing our function focused bacteria to reproduce rapidly before applying.
Our simple step by step software guides you through each brew to ensure a guaranteed minimum analyses of our bacteria blend.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 32 cm


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