Enhances biological activity in hydroponics, reduces organic buildup, and stimulates plant germination and growth. Growers have experienced a 20-30% increase in crop yield and improved plant vitality.


Growth is not everything for growers. Good flowering results from implementing good agronomic management to achieve maximum plant efficiency. It is the root that must develop in the beginning, vegetative phase. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard the biological life and biodiversity of the soil.

In our products, Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) enhance nutrient availability for plants, which in turn improves roots and shoots, which naturally provides plant resistance to reduce inputs needed for disease and mildew.

Through the development of their nutritional structures and immune systems, plants become capable of withstanding outside threats such as weather and pests. Thus, they are able to produce greater quantities and higher quality crops at lower production costs by using fewer pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


Award-Winning Biotechnology Longer Shoots and Overall Foliage 
CFIA Registered (ACF-SR) Maximizing Plant Yield and Growth
100% Organic Certification Increased Nutrient Uptake 
Non-Pathogenic Better Resistance to Plant Stress
Increase Microbial Blend Enhanced Flavours
No Burn Potential Faster Growth and  Germination
Increase CBD + THC Applicable to Most Mediums

Application During Growth Cycle:

  1. Applying nitrogen and phosphorus during seeding will break down these elements into more absorbable nutrients, enhancing faster germination.
  2. A treatment after eruption will continue this process and release iron and other micronutrients, increasing nutrient uptake. Health-enhancing proteins and growth hormones will be produced by the plant.
  3. By continuing to apply every 7-14 days, the plant will now have improved overall foliage and longer shoots. This stage allows applications to be applied directly to leaves, roots, or soils. Plants will be better able to resist disease and mildew due to improved absorption of fertilizers.
  4. Applications should continue through the maturing and budding stages of the development process. Plants cannot be over treated. The PGPB will continue with its work to increase the yield of the plants, and promote growth and quality.

Our Alive Elite can be delivered in ready-to-use bottles with a 2-year shelf life or direct from a live brew with ACF-SR which has a 21-30 day shelf life. The custom brewing process cultures and stabilizes high concentrations of each species. Our simple-to-use application and a guaranteed analysis of every batch separate us from other inoculants on the market.

Dosage: May vary depending on your growing medium (soil or hydroponics) but a general starting point is 2-4 oz per gallon of water applied every 7-14 days.

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