Water clarity is often a problem in ponds and lakes. Nutrient pollution arises from excessive nitrogen and phosphorus from animals, fish waste, grass clippings, and fertilizers.

A surplus of these nutrients depletes the oxygen in the water, kills aquatic life, and causes weeds and harmful algae to grow.

In spite of chemical solutions providing instant results, they add to the issue at the root of the problem. With PondPerfect and EcoSocks, you can restore your pond’s natural beauty by eliminating odours and improving visibility.

Utilizing our natural products we achieve the same result and address the underlying issues, rebalancing microbial populations and providing long-term protection.


Pond Perfect Combo Packs: ComboPack Treatment is a two-part multi-purpose biological kit. Each kit includes 1 gallon of ultra-concentrated liquid bacteria for fast-acting results (PondPerfect), plus one slow-release, powder-based biodegradable for long-lasting protection. (EcoSock). 

Pond Perfect: Designed for ponds, dug-outs, and lakes, PondPerfect is a liquid, all-purpose biological pond additive.  PondPerfect contains a super-concentrated mix of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria that outcompete algae for nutrients.

During a month, PondPerfect triggers immediate action, while EcoSocks ensure that the required level of activity is maintained throughout. 

Eco Sock: The EcoSock contains freeze-dried bacteria and food-grade bacterial nutrients that reduce sludge. When placed in water, the EcoSock continuously produces sludge-reducing, algae-fighting bacteria that slow release for 30 days.

Algae, Odour and Sludge Build-Up. What causes them and how do our products help…

Algae: The growth of algae occurs when you have water, sun, N (nitrogen), and P (phosphorus). PondPerfect / EcoSock bacteria compete with algae for N and P food. The bacteria consume N and P faster than the algae. A result of this is the elimination of excess algae.

Note: This product does not eliminate all algae, but it will eliminate the severe algae. It is important to keep some algae in the water in order to keep it oxygenated. We restore the natural balance of your water by restoring the natural bacteria and algae in your water. 

Odour and Sludge: All ponds, especially older ones, accumulate sludge. The organic sediment at the bottom of a pond is called sludge 

Heavy sludge buildup can cause several problems. In many ponds, there is plenty of oxygen in the top layer of water, but there is little oxygen in the sludge at the bottom. A type of anaerobic bacteria makes sludge at the bottom of a pond smell bad and cause diseases. There will be more chances of fish disease when there is a large amount of sludge in the water, and the odors will be worse.


Award-Winning Biotechnology Cleans Your Water
Non-Toxic Better Clarity
All Natural  Destroy Odour
Non-Pathogenic Sludge Digesting 
Safe for Animals, Children & Aquatic Life Nitrifying Bacteria

Dosage: Apply both Pond Perfect and your Eco-sock every month beginning when the water temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius and continue monthly.

*Consistent dosing for at least 6 months will result in consistent results*

Important Points:

  1. The dosage is based on the surface area of the PROBLEM AREA, not the entire body of water.
    1. If a 1-acre pond is half covered in algae, use the dosage for .5 acre
  2. Double the dose for ponds with severe, or long-standing problems. 
  3. For ponds that are more than15 feet average depth, increase the standard dosage by 50%.
  4. Apply the product where the problem is most severe.
Acres EcoSock 

(Per Month) 

Pond Perfect 

(Gallons Per Month)

0.25 2 2
0.50 3 3
0.75 4 4
1.00 5 5
1.25 6 6
1.50 7 7
1.75 8 8
2.00 9 9

*Contact us to discuss large bodies of water and brewing on-site. This will potentially be a more economical simpler application*

Application: Treatment can begin at any time, provided that you consider the temperatures noted above. It’s possible to start treatment either in anticipation of the problem or after it presents itself. It may be necessary to double the dose for one or two months if you are treating existing algae blooms. 

Step 1: Pond Perfect

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
    • Pour the liquid PondPerfect around the shoreline of the pond where the problems are worst.
  • For best results, mix the proper dose of PondPerfect with several times that volume of pond water then distribute this mixture around the pond periphery.
    Apply most of the liquid to the zones where the clarity, sludge, or odor problems are most severe.
  • It is often best to choose 4 or more dosing points

Step 2: EcoSock

  • Poke holes in your EcoSock to ensure it sinks to the bottom of the water
  • Toss the EcoSock into the pond, 3 to 10 feet from the shore where problems are most severe.
  • Store at room temperature and avoid freezing

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