Restores soil health, boosts nutrient uptake, and increases crop yield in your greenhouse or orchards. Our Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) is easy to apply without altering your current plant-care regimen


Whether you are growing fruit and vegetables at your home for a hobby or run a commercial nursery or orchard, your crops and soil can benefit from our natural bacteria products!

Increase profitability with healthier, larger plants. Commercial strawberry farms have seen 30-70% yield improvements. Per lb increase in quality, flavour and yield can be a game-changer for potential income. (see below case study)

With ACF SR, soils are restored, organic matter is composted, and biological activity is increased. This increases plant nutrient absorption as well as root growth stimulation, reducing the cost of water and fertilizers.

Our Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) is specifically formulated to provide the following functions. These functions provide extra nutrients in a bioavailable form:

✔️ Bacillus Subtilis – solubilizes phosphates & siderophore production

✔️ Bacillus Licheniformis – enhances soil bioactivity & provides plant growth hormones

✔️ Nitrobacter Winogradskyi – converts nitrite to nitrate & solubilizes phosphates

✔️ Nitrosomonas Europaea – converts ammonia to nitrate & solubilizes phosphates

✔️ Rhodopseudomonas Palustris – enhances soil bioactivity & nitrogen fixation

The Growth Cycle:

  1. Applying nitrogen and phosphorus during seeding will break down these elements into more absorbable nutrients, enhancing faster germination.
  2. A treatment after eruption will continue this process and release iron and other micronutrients, increasing nutrient uptake. Health-enhancing proteins and growth hormones will be produced by the plant.
  3. Continue to apply every 7-14 days. Once the leaves have sprouted, the nitrifying bacteria are great at this stage for the nitrification cycle and better nutrient uptake will continue. This includes improved absorption of traditional fertilizers and better resistance to disease and mildew.
  4. Applications should continue throughout the plant’s development. Frequent applications will not harm the plants – you cannot overdose. It can be applied on the leaves, roots, or direct to soil; however, applying it as a foliar will boost the photosynthetic range capabilities of the plant. PGPB will continue with its work to increase the yield of the plants, and promote growth and quality.

With ACF-SR, you have the choice of ready-to-use bottles with a shelf life of two years or fresh brews delivered with a 21-30 day shelf life. Custom brewing processes to culture and stabilizes high concentrations of each species. We stand out from other inoculants on the market due to our easy-to-use application and guarantee of analysis for every batch.


Award-Winning Biotechnology Deeper, Stronger Root System 
CFIA Approved Boosts Yield
100% Organic Certified Increased Nutrient Uptake with Nitrification
Non-Pathogenic Tolerant to Drought
Safe for Pets, Children, and Aquatic Life Enhanced Flavour (Brix levels)
Proprietary Brewing Technology Faster Germination 
Resistant to Plant Stress Greater Biomass and Microbial Blend


Step 1: Shake Vigorously

Step 2: Use a clean sprayer that hasn’t been previously used for chemical application. Do not mix with fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, or other toxic chemicals. If mixing with compatible products, always add ACF-SR last and keep contact time as short as possible. It will not clog your nozzles. Can be applied directly through an irrigation system

Step 3: You can apply directly and continue with your regular watering schedule or dilute to an appropriate amount to allow for good, even coverage (Ideal rate of 4-5 parts water)

Step 4: Apply in the evening or early morning to avoid UV damage to the bacteria

Dosage: May vary depending on your growing medium and crop type but a general starting point is 3-4 oz per gallon of water.

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