Proven effective in amending soil by optimizing nutrient uptake, enhancing root structure, and improving overall plant growth. ACF-SR results in enhanced colour, quicker divot recovery, and reduction of plant stress


ACF-SR restores depleted soil, composts organic matter, and increases biological activity in the soil. This produces a significant increase in plant nutrient absorption and root growth stimulation while reducing water and fertilizer costs by improving performance.

ACF-SR can be delivered in ready-to-use bottles with 2-year shelf life or direct from a live brew with a 21-30 day window. The custom brewing process cultures and stabilizes high concentrations of each species. Our simple-to-use application and a guaranteed analysis of every batch separate us from other inoculants on the market.

Overall Benefits:

Award-Winning Biotechnology Prevent and Eliminate Dog Spots
CFIA Approved Accelerated Root Growth
100% Organic Certified Drought Tolerance
Non-Pathogenic Use Less Fertilizer
Safe for Pets, Children, and Aquatic Life More Vibrant Colour
Resistant to Plant Stress Quicker Recovery to Divots and Patches
Increase Microbial Blend No Burn Potential


Step 1: Shake Vigorously

Step 2: Use a clean sprayer that hasn’t been previously used for chemical application. Do not mix with fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, or other toxic chemicals. If mixing with compatible products, always add ACF-SR last and keep contact time as short as possible.

Step 3: You can apply directly and continue with your regular watering schedule or dilute to an appropriate amount to allow for good, even coverage (Ideal rate of 4-5 parts water)

Step 4: Apply in the evening or early morning to avoid UV damage to the bacteria

Step 5: Repeat treatment in 4-6 weeks

Additional Steps to Follow for Eliminating Dog Spots:

  1. Start by mowing your grass
  2. Remove all debris and dead grass from the burst area(s)
  3. Distribute grass seed on damaged or yellow grass
  4. Shake ACF-SR vigorously, then pour into the watering can (4-5 parts water is an ideal rate)
  5. For maximum UV protection, apply this product early in the day or late at night
  6. Ensure that the newly seeded area is kept moist
  7. In order to achieve optimal results, the process should be repeated every six weeks

Dosage: Severity of the soil and type of grass as well as type of application will vary the dosage.

Storage & Handling: Store out of direct sunlight. DO NOT freeze. Spilled ACF-SR – Elite is safe to put down drain or sewer. Wash the spilled area with water.

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