The highly active bacteria that we use are designed specifically to speed up the biological oxidation of “slowly degrading organic matter”. We have a stable range of bacteria products that, when applied to organic streams, significantly reduce odours and improve biological breakdowns.

The organic matter in slurry, manure, and bedding will break down, which will result in less odour and a better fertilizer value when applied on land. EcoBac breaks down crusts, consumes solids, reduces odours, and increases the final quality of effluent from agricultural waste pits and barns.

Due to EcoBac’s ability to break down colloidal and large sludge particles, nutrients become more accessible to plants, thus adding value to land-applied fertilizers.


Award-Winning Biotechnology Destroys Odour
Non-Toxic Break Down Organic Matter
Safe for Animals Sludge Breakdown
Non-Pathogenic Improve Existing Fertilizer 

Dosage & Application:

Contact us to discuss our on-site live brew options for large-scale treatment. Our patented brewing process and culturing software ensure a gold standard of quality control, allowing our function-focused bacteria to reproduce rapidly before applying.

Our simple step-by-step software guides you through each brew to ensure a guaranteed minimum analysis of our bacteria blend.

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