Flush is an all-natural, non-toxic blend of beneficial bacteria that reduces sulfide odour, digests sludge, reduces excess buildup, unclogs drains, and improves final discharge. Many people do not think about their tank until it needs to be pumped out.

Using Flush helps reduce the frequency of pumping while repopulating your system with beneficial bacteria to digest sludge efficiently, restoring your tanks to maximum performance.

When your tank lacks balanced, healthy biomass, the PH tends to drop, creating foul odours. In many cases, we smell the odour and assume we should have it pumped. By applying frequent Flush to your system, we can clear out organic blockages and digest sludge at a maximum rate, reducing odour from vents, drain fields, and  pipes. This makes it possible to only empty the tank once the tank is actually full.

Flush unclogs grease, fat, and other organic wastes that may block drains or cause poor drainage or puddling.

Flush is environmentally safe. It does not contain harmful surfactants and is non-toxic. Unlike other additives, Flush has a more neutral odour and  is not offensive when stored or applied.

With both Quart and  Gallon sizes we have a solution for any size tank from Septic to an RV.

*Note*Flush will not remove roots that have become embedded in drain fields. Consult a septic tank expert if roots have blocked your drain field.


Dose for Maintaining Septic Tank: For household septic systems, add 8 to 16 ounces of Flush per 500 gallons tank volume, repeat every 60 to 90 days.

Dose for Solving Problems: For severe sulfide odours, clogged drain field, or excess sludge problems, add 16 ounces of Flush per 500 gallons once a week, every week, until problems are solved then switch to a maintenance dose.

Example: In household septic tanks up to 2,000 gallons in size, use one quart of Flush every 60 to 90 days, or as needed to maintain peak performance.

Dose for Maintaining Small Scale Tanks (RV or other)
For smaller scale RV tanks, add 1 capful weekly when you are operating and  utilizing the tanks.


Award-Winning Biotechnology Destroys Odour
Non-Toxic Pump Reduction
All Natural  Economical 
Non-Pathogenic Sludge Breakdown
Safe for all plumbing Removes Organic Blockages


Step One: Shake Well.

Step Two: Dose product directly down your toilet, sink, or any drain leading to your septic system.

Storage & Handling: Keep at room temperature. Do not freeze.

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