The treatment plans we develop depend on the individual needs of each major municipal sewage plant. Sludge digesting and nitrifying bacteria can be cultured on-site to reduce handling costs associated with sludge, organic solids, fats, oils, and grease, as well as greatly lower polymers and other chemical use.

A high concentration of sludge digesting bacteria makes up EcoBac. It is a cost-effective method of secondary biological treatment. When combined with our nitrifying bacteria, nitrification, sludge breakdown, and odor improvement can easily be achieved.

With EcoBac, sewage treatment plants can optimize both anaerobic and aerobic processes to improve effluent quality while reducing operating costs and requiring fewer capital expenditures for expansion or changes. EcoBac can increase the water treatment plant’s efficiency by as much as 30-40%


Award-Winning Biotechnology Destroys Odour
Non-Toxic Lower Operating Costs 
All Natural  Sludge Breakdown
Non-Pathogenic Efficient Operation

Dosage & Application: Contact us to discuss our on-site live brew options for large-scale treatment. Our patented brewing process and culturing software ensure a gold standard of quality control, allowing our function-focused bacteria to reproduce rapidly before applying.

Our simple step-by-step software guides you through each brew to ensure a guaranteed minimum analysis of our bacteria blend.

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