ACF-SR™ is an environmentally friendly, unique bacterial formula designed to inoculate and enhance the biological activity in soil. The beneficial functions of these bacteria enhance the overall biomass. The bacteria assist the growth of all microbes and amplify the communication between the fungi and plants due to more diverse available nutrition.


ACF-SR™ contains a stable microbial blend of 5 bacterial species. The custom brewing process cultures and stabilizes high concentrations of each species. Our process provides a guaranteed analysis of every batch, setting us apart from other products. Freshly brewed product has a shelf life of 14-30 days and is amazing for frequent or large-scale applications. We have seen strong results in commercial agriculture! 

Achieve stronger root mass for plant stress reduction. Restore depleted soil, composts organic matter, and increases biological activity. Significantly increase plant nutrient absorption and root growth stimulation while reducing water and fertilizer cost through increased performance.

Plant Use:
Improve drought resistance
Boost yield
Improved stress tolerance
Quicker germination and growth
Deeper, stronger root system
Enhance quality

Available Sizes:
1 Gallon
2.5 Gallon
Tote (50-300 gallons, contact us for details)
Set up with a BrewTus on site (contact us for details)

Easy to Use:
For ease of application, ACF-SR can be diluted with non-chlorinated water or sprayed direct and watered in immediately after.

If you are using a sprayer, please ensure the tank has not been used for previous chemical applications.

Dilute with enough water to get good even coverage, with a general recommendation of 5-10 parts water.

Apply directly to the soil in the expected root zone when possible with a secondary foliar spray. When applying directly to the soil, the extra dilution helps the product penetrate the upper soil and reach the root zone, where the probiotic bacteria are needed the most!

If your water source has chlorine in it, contact us to receive some water conditioner to be applied to your tanks!

For best results, do not apply ACF-SR in the heat of the day. Applying in the evening or early morning will ensure little to no UV damage to the bacteria.

ACF-SR is an all-natural, bio-safe, level 1 bacteria that are completely safe to be applied around pets and children and CFIA approved.

General starting dosage:
ACF-SR has specific dose charts for application. Rates vary depending on the size of the area, quality of soil and variety of crop. Contact us for details!
Crops- 2-4  gallons per acre. Ideally in-furrow and then again as a foliar application

**ACF-SR is a brewed product and available based on our seasonal brewing schedule. Contact us for the next available brew date.**




Additional information

Weight 3.85 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 32 cm