Inoculating and enhancing soil biological activity is possible with Alive Elite, an environmentally safe, unique bacterial formula. Alive Elite has been proven to significantly increase yield.


Our “Ready to Use” Alive Elite contains a stable microbial blend of 5 beneficial bacteria like our original ACF-SR but with a 2 year shelf life!  Alive Elite can cover your needs from home gardens, lawn, plants and more all in simple product!

Achieve stronger root mass for plant stress reduction. Restore depleted soil, composts organic matter, and increases biological activity. Significantly increase plant nutrient absorption and root growth stimulation while reducing water and fertilizer cost through increased performance.

Plant Use:
Improve drought resistance
More vibrant colours
Improved stress tolerance
Quicker germination and growth

Residential Lawn:
Quicker recovery – divots, patches and burn from pets
Faster germination – new seeded lawn
Fuller more lushes grass – increased hair roots
Safe for kids and pets

Fruit and Vegetables:
Increased yield
Better quality and efficacy
Faster germination
Improved root length
Enhanced flavour and increased brix levels
Reduction in plant stress and disease

Available Sizes:
1 Quart
1 Gallon

Easy to Use:

    • For ease of application, Alive Elite can be diluted with water or sprayed direct and  watered in immediately.


    • Shake well before using.


    • If you are using a sprayer, please ensure the tank has not been used for previous chemical applications.


    • Dilute with enough water to get good even coverage, with a general recommendation of 4-5 parts water.


    • Apply directly to soil in the expected root zone and when possible apply a secondary foliar spray.  When applying directly to soil, the extra dilution helps the product penetrate the upper soil and reach the root zone, where the probiotic bacteria are needed the most!


    • **For best results, do not apply Alive Elite in the heat of the day. Applying in the evening or early morning will ensure little to no UV damage to the bacteria.


    Alive Elite is an all-natural, bio-safe, level 1 bacteria that is completely safe to be applied around pets and children.

General starting dosage:
Alive Elite has specific dose charts for application. Rates very depending on the size of area, quality of soil and  variety of plant. Contact us for details !

Lawn  – 4 – 8 gallons per acre. Ideally 3+ applications per year
Plants – 1 oz per plant. Applied every 4 weeks
Gardens – 2-4  gallons per acre. Ideally in furrow and  then again as a foliar application





Additional information

Weight 3.85 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 32 cm


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