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Lawn & Turf Restoration

Proven effective in amending soil by optimizing nutrient uptake, enhancing root structure, and improving overall plant growth. ACF-SR results in enhanced color, quicker divot recovery, and reduction of plant stress…

vegetables in the hydroponic farm

Cannabis & Hydroponics

Enhances biological activity in hydroponics, reduces organic buildup, and stimulates plant germination and growth. Growers have experienced a 20-30% increase in crop yield and improved plant vitality…

Tractor spraying pesticides on cabbage field

Commercial Agriculture

Conditions soil in a variety of agricultural programs and improves plant growth and crop yield. Sustainably reduces organic buildup, and stimulates plant germination, root growth and development…


Greenhouse & Orchards

Restores soil health, boosts nutrient uptake, and increases crop yield in your greenhouse or orchards. Our Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) is easy to apply without altering your current regimen…


Dugout, Ponds & Lakes

Water clarity is often a problem in ponds and lakes. Nutrient pollution arises from excessive nitrogen and phosphorus from animals, fish waste, grass clippings, and fertilizers…

Sewage treatment plant


The treatment plans we develop depend on the individual needs of each major municipal sewage plant. Sludge digesting and nitrifying bacteria can be cultured on-site…

Cleaning the sewer system special equipment, utility service of the town.

Septic & RV Treatment

Flush is an all-natural, non-toxic blend of beneficial bacteria that reduces sulfide odour, digests sludge, reduces excess buildup, unclogs drain fields, and improves final discharge…



The highly active bacteria that we use are designed specifically to speed up the biological oxidation of “slowly degrading organic matter” 100% naturally…


Q: How can bacteria help to combat nutrient deficiency?

The bacteria make nutrients more bioavailable, but this action also improves the plant’s health, vitality, as well as its ability to withstand external stress caused by infestations, diseases, or fungi. In our custom formula, each bacteria is chosen for its capabilities and ability to work as a team to address the plant’s needs. The bacteria are grown and stabilized separately so that their enzyme production can be targeted and enriched. As a result of this unique process, our formulas demonstrate excellent performance, quality, and yield.

Q: Is there any complicated mixing to be ready to apply like other biologicals?

ACF-SR comes ready to apply in Quarts, 1 and 2.5-gallon jugs. Simply mix with water and apply.

Q: Is there anything that it cannot be applied to?

ACF-SR is CFIA approved and 100% organic. Pet and child safe!

Q: Does the product have a shelf life?

Live brewed bacteria requires application within 21-30 days of the brew date to know that you are getting all of the functions within your soil. Our Elite product has a 2-year shelf life.

Q: Is there any downtime after the application before using the lawn?

ACF-SR is pet & kid-friendly and safe so your lawn can be used right away!

Q: Are the water applications harmful to fish or aquatic plants?

No, Pond Perfect has been used in commercial fish farms and aquariums. It benefits the fish in your pond as it removes toxic ammonia and nitrite that can cause fish stress and mortality.